Workshop Policies

Junque Art  Studio workshops are hosted on a private membership site. Once you register for a class you will have one login for any and all classes purchased on the site. You will be able to see all of your owned classes in your dashboard when you are logged in the classroom.

Passwords are the responsibility of each individual student. I do not have access to any passwords. If you forget your password you can use the “forgot password” feature and a new one will be emailed to the email you provided when you registered at Junque Art Studio. Your password and/or student account is not to be shared with anyone.

No refunds are given once a student is granted access to a class.

Please be respectful of all the content in the classroom and do not share, copy, distribute, or teach any of the content or claim as your own. This includes everything included in the classroom. All content is the property of Junque Art Studio.

Support in the classroom is encouraged. Please be respectful to your classmates. Rude or inappropriate comments by any student will be deleted and the student will be removed from the classroom.

I encourage you to share your creations inspired from classes on social media, however please do not claim the ideas as your own. Please give credit to @JunqueArt on any social media platforms when sharing.

Should you want to sell items you create in a Junque Art Studio class it is asked that you not sell anything that looks similar to the class project. I want to inspire you to create but I also encourage you to find your own style. I put my heart and soul and many hours into creating my classes, so please be respectful and don’t claim the ideas as your own.  If selling an item inspired by any of the Junque Art Studio classes please give credit to or @JunqueArt on social media for the inspiration. For example: if you are selling a traveler’s notebook cover that you made in the Artsy Dori™ class please include in your sales description this little blurb: “This Artsy Dori™ was handmade by (insert your name here) and inspired by Cindy Gilstrap’s Artsy Dori™ workshop at“. It’s also much appreciated if you would include the link to my site.

If you feel your item looks too close to mine then you probably should not sell it. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact me so we talk about it.